Amazon Prime Video app for Android TV is listed on Play Store

Amazon’s Prime Video has never been available for Google’s Chromecast. And earlier this month, even Google decided to pull the strings of the YouTube app from Amazon’s Fire TV stick. However, the ‘productive discussions’ between the two tech giants has finally resulted in a treat for the customers.

While Google decided to drop its decision to pull out YouTube from the Fire TV Stick, even Amazon has launched the Prime Video app for Android TV. Although we were not able to test the on any Android TV, international media is reporting that the app listed is not compatible on many Android TVs. This indicates that Amazon might be testing the Prime Video app on Android TVs or it is yet to update the app for making it compatible. The app was earlier available for a select Android TVs such as NVIDA Shield TV in the past.

Although the launch of the Prime Video app for Android TV seems to be a good move from Amazon, there is still no update on whether Amazon plans to release the app for the much popular Google Chromecast. It is only recently that the Prime Video app went live on Apple TV as well. Other than the Prime Video app, Amazon has also introduced browsing support on the Fire TV devices. Amazon has announced the rollout of Mozilla’s Firefox and its own Silk browser for the regular Fire TV and Fire TV Stick.


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  • December 27, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    I was waiting so long about this app.


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